Translation in March

Please excuse the fact that there are no English updates at the moment, but it's a bit difficult at the moment due to work. I will translate all the "news" in March.

Gannets and marine litter

Macro plastics are a deadly trap for marine creatures as, for example, seabirds which entangle themselves in plastic fibres.

On Helgoland, numerous northern gannets integrate plastic material into their nests. In this pilot study, I want to document the degree of pollution and to determine the plastics’ provenance to contribute to the long-term reduction of plastic input into nests.

Public Relations and News

In the “Public Relations” sector, I will inform you about current projects concerning the subject, newspaper articles, radio and television broadcasts, scientific publications, etc.

In the “News” sector, you can read in short about current results as well as recent ocurrences on the Lummenfelsen.

Project manager

Hello, my name is Elmar Ballstaedt, and I am working on Heligoland for Verein Jordsand e. V. as head of station, responsible for ornithology and finances.

On this project website, you can accompany my research project on seabirds and marine waste. I will regularly provide you with information on this topic.

I now wish you lots of fun and am looking forward to a constructive exchange of knowledge, information, and bird sighting reports.

Picture: Janine Brauneis

You want to join in?

You are very welcome to support the research project by emailing me photos of your visit to the island and information about birds entangled in plastic strings.

Picture: Janine Brauneis

Work Experience or final Thesis?

You are interested in an internship or searching for a topic you could deal with in your collegiate paper or final thesis?

On Germany’s only deep sea island, you can very well sojourn for several weeks. In connection with the northern gannet project, so many interesting problems are emerging that you easily will be able to join in on our research work. By the way, you will gain insight into scientific field work as well as into laboratory operations or data evaluation.

In fact, there are many different fields of activity where your support would be needed, as for example: laboratory analysis, field work, literature research, public relations, event management or the development of research methods.

Have I aroused your interest? Well, don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail.

Picture: Lars Schmidtz-Eisenlohr

Update (April 2021):
Internships for 2021 are all filled!
Bachelor or master thesis topics are still 1-2 avaible!